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INTELLIGENCE GYM  is one of the numerous BrainRx brain training centers in the world. BrainRx is birthed by LearningRx company which is incorporated in the United States.

At BrainRx we specialize in making kids and adults of all ages measurably smarter through research-based programs that train the brain.

Our unmatched results speak for themselves. In fact, students test higher in IQ after completing our brain training programs.

While tutoring focuses on re-teaching information, BrainRx’s unique combination of digital and one-on-one brain training programs strengthen cognitive skills.

These are the skills that create IQ and determine how quickly and accurately we receive and process information. In other words, brain training strengthens the lifelong skills necessary to succeed in school, on the job, and in life.

Based on the proven LearningRx programs in the United States, and with multiple BrainRx centers around the globe, we have helped many students, career adults, seniors, and accident victims experience sharper memory skills, better concentration, and faster thinking. Isn’t it about time you discovered what brain training can do for you or someone you love?


Our Mission


Transforming lives worldwide to learn and perform better, faster, and easier.

Our Vision


To be known as the most loved, most trusted, and most effective brain training program in the world.

Our Core Values

  • Helpfulness
  • Integrity
  • Responsiblity
  • Excellence
  • Passion


A cognitive skills test is a comprehensive exam that gauges how strong your core brain skills are. Core brain skills include long- and short-term memory, auditory processing, visual processing, attention, processing speed, and logic & reasoning. These skills are vital because we rely on them every day to learn, think and perform at our best.

Over 80% of learning, reading, attention, memory, and processing speed struggles are caused by one or more weak  cognitive skills.

Whether you want your child to perform better in school, or if you want to stay razor sharp in the workplace, it’s imperative to test for and identify the weak cognitive skills that are holding you or your child back.


When someone comes to a Intelligence Gym Brain Training Center for help, the first thing we do is administer a comprehensive cognitive skills test; we call it a Brain Skills Assessment. The Assessment takes about an hour to complete, is reasonably priced (typically $249-$399, depending on region of the U.S.), and shows exactly which of your cognitive skills are weak and which of your skills are strong.

From there, you’ll have a consultation with a LearningRx brain skills expert to show you which cognitive areas are causing you or a loved one to struggle.

We’ll also walk you through one-on-one brain training program options tailored to specifically address your Brain Skills Assessment results.

After a LearningRx brain training program, we administer a second Assessment to measure the changes in your cognitive skills.



BrainRx brain training programs combine the proven power of one-on-one brain training with state-of-the-art digital brain training. For a portion of their program, students work one-on-one with a personal brain trainer, doing intense mental exercises that stimulate improvements in brain performance. For the rest of their program, students do computerized brain training in our centers to reinforce and expand improvements in brain skills.

OUR results


BrainRx Intelligence Gym Brain Training is based on the training techniques developed in the United States by LearningRx, the parent company of BrainRx. To see the kinds of results being generated at 85 LearningRx brain training centers in the United States, click on the link to download our Client Outcomes and Research Results.


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